Kidney stones for Easter

I woke up Easter morning in excruciating pain.  They say it’s the guy version, and nothing feels worse than a mom in a hospital giving child birth.  I guess the Easter Bunny came with a fun new gift, that’s ironic chocolate eggs weren’t on my list.

I’d felt the pain before.  The feeling of two large mammals drilling down your leg, from your kidney into your bladder.  It feels like your stomach is being ripped apart by weasels, the pain is excruciating.  And all you can do is sit there and groan and pray for medication to come rescue you.  It’s no fun at all.

I woke up uncomfortable.  I sat in the bathroom, alternating between the bathtub, the toilet, the bathtub, the toilet.  I came out and asked if we could go to a doctor. Ouch.  We went to Urgent Care of Olympia.  They asked me to fill out six different forms as I sat hunched over in the chair aching.  We waited a few hours and the doctor finally came in. They said they didn’t have an X-ray machine.  Awesome.

They sent us to the Capital Medical Center in Olympia.   I sat resting my head on my jacket.  They led us into the room.  I sat on the table.  They took blood pressure, asked me questions, and hooked me to an IV.  They gave me pain medication.  They wheeled me down the hall.  I was friendly and gregarious with everyone I saw.

I came back and the pain started to hurt again.