"Dewey" stuff

So as many of you probably know, my friend Mega Ran and I made an album a few years ago about our favorite literary masterpieces.  We then did a Kickstarter so people could pre-order it and we could pay the people who worked on the album. The physical copies have been sent to the backers and the album is available everywhere digitally this coming Friday (even though most of the songs have already been posted as singles).  Yay.

There are two videos out already, which you can watch below.  My dream is that one day they’ll get millions of views, but as of right now, we are continuing to promote them however we can.  “1984” has about three thousand views and “Walden” has about five hundred.  I know we don’t have millions of subscribers, but I think these videos are really special. Between Mega Ran and me tweeting about them and the pair of us doing all of these interviews that our publicist Sue has set up, I know our videos will find their audience. (In other words, please tell a friend.)

I just finished Trout Fish in America by Richard Brautigan.  It’s a weird, funny, inspiring book that felt a lot like Infinite Jest in how it plays with time, reality and narration perspective.  I will write a song about this California classic by “the last of the Beats” (which is how I have heard Brautigan described). Life is exciting, but it is also very weird right now.  I am thankful for my friends and these upcoming shows, as well as the exciting tours that might be happening later this year. Also, there has been some progress on a huge project I’ve been working on for a decade, which is wonderful. I’m more patient these days. 

The world is increasingly getting scarier with these shootings and the death of democracy.  Reading makes me happy, as does exercise, but I will admit that I feel isolated right now.  I am working on losing weight and being a more kind person. I started reading Danny Goldberg’s book about Kurt Cobain.  I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros for Switch and dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. 

Goodnight everyone.